A Stay at Home Original--The Green Sprite Cocktail: Chartreuse, Rum, Sprite

So my friend came over and wanted a cocktail, and I was on the phone, so he made do with what was on hand. He took some of my ultra-premium vodka, opened a 2-liter of Sprite, and made himself whatever that is called.

This guy likes highballs. At home, he drinks Crown and Coke, or Captain Morgan's and Coke, or vodka and cranberry juice. So he made his cocktail, drank it, and then went home.

But now I had an open 2-liter of Sprite. No one in my family drinks Sprite. We had it left over from a party. So what do we do with an open 2-liter of Sprite? We make cocktails, of course. Time to update the highball.

Enter the Green Sprite Cocktail. To make one, build over ice in a large glass:
Garnish with a mint sprig.

Chartreuse and Sprite go surprisingly well together. You get some of the medicinal herbs from the Chartreuse, but the Sprite's lemony sweetness cuts all of it. Next time, you want a highball with Sprite, try the Green Sprite.