A Stay Home Original, The Rosewater Sip: Rose wine, triple sec, vodka, lemon, sugar, mint

I bought a whole case of rose wine (That's rosee or rose-A. Blogger won't let me use the accent mark over the "e," I guess), and we had a half of a bottle left, so I decided to make it into cocktails. Rose is a remarkably easy mixer. It's low in alcohol with easy fruit flavor that isn't too dry and has a hint of sweetness. It works great with simple flavors that don't just overtake it. For this one, I added orange with the triple sec and a mint bouquet with a sprig garnish.

To make a Rosewater Sip cocktail, combine in a highball glass with ice:
and garnish with a mint sprig.

It's a simple, bright cocktail that doesn't confuse the palate or try anything too complicated. Perfect for a humid day. After all, it's May in Houston. The 100 degree weather is coming. As Houstonians always say, "Summer is coming."

By the way, expect some more cocktails using rose wine in the coming months. If you have any good ideas for cocktails using the stuff, leave a comment or give me a shout at stayathomecocktails@gmail.com.