The New Graphic Novel Menu at The Dead Rabbit in New York
The Dead Rabbit in NYC has a new version of their menu that is actually a graphic novel. I want to go just so I can take a look at it. Well, no, I want to go to try their Glee Club cocktail or any of their other classic and proprietary drinks, but I'll look at the menu as I sip.

If you're wondering, the Dead Rabbit is named after John Morrissey's gang the Dead Rabbits. Morrissey, also named Old Smoke, was a nineteenth-century Irish-American gambler, politician, and bare-knuckle boxer among other things. The new graphic novel menu tells his story. 

It reminds of an old story I read about how bars lose a lot of money because people take their menus. At $50 a piece, this one will need to stay in-house.