The Casino Royale

In Casino Royale, there is a scene in the book that is recreated in the new film where Bond creates the Vesper. The drink comprises
If you have never had Kina Lillet, it is a fruity apertif wine that is approximately 18% alcohol. On it's own, it is a less sweet version of sweet vermouth or a sweeter version of dry vermouth. An interesting choice, Mr. Bond.

The Vesper works, but it's hard to tell the difference between it and the typical dry martini. The addition of the good, smooth vodka and the sweetness of the Kina Lillet round out the cheaper Gordon's Gin.  Like the dry martini, the Vesper is a clear drink, one that is strong yet not that flavorful. Don't expect the saltiness of the dirty martini or any of the flavor of additional fruit or anything like that. This is a drinker's drink, a drinker who likes the clarity of alcohol and doesn't want to muck it up.

At the beginning of the night, it's a good one.